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Q: My yard isn't level, can you set up the mini golf course?

A: Most yards I can set up. I arrive with scrap wood. A level. Make sure the course plays true. (I set up the old course for 3 1/2 years)

I give a free initial yard visit. Contact for more questions.

Q: Do you supply all the clubs, balls, scorecards, and pencils.

A: Included in any course rentals are, clubs and balls. Bonus, mini clip boards with Sweet Tee mini Golf scorecard and pencils also provided at no cost.

(Specialized scorecards available at additional cost)

Just let me know the age of the guests, we will take care of the rest. All club sizes available. 

Q: Is this made locally?

A: In my garage and driveway

Q: Is this a good fit for my 10 year old?

A: Everything we rent is a great fit for that age.

Beautiful thing about mini golf, great for ALL ages! 

Mini Golf, Putt Bowling, Putt Pool, Giant Backyard games, and more.

That sounds pretty amazing! (For any age!!)

Q: How would fundraisers work?

A: You rent the course. Supply your own attendants, I do the rest. Same rental price. Set up, break down included. Great to rent for tournaments to raise money. Call for more info, I have several different tournament style play for all ages. Wacky, Traditional, Team, and more.

To make you the maximum money for your cause. Ask about special rates.

Q: What's with all the games you have to Putt with?

A: I really love mini golf. I really love building. I love making mini golf hybrid yard games. I mean Putt Pool, you walk on the table? Fun!

Q: Can you build me stuff?

A: I can, with in reason. Give me a call!

Q: Is that all the questions?

A: I have more answers, if you have questions (you might make it on the FAQ page)

Justin 828.333.1152

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